Baja Raptor 2 4-Wheel

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Embark on a bold new adventure or embrace the pleasure that comes with reviving a beloved routine. With top cruising speeds, ample storage, and ultra-luxe design, the Baja Raptor 2 4-Wheel is designed to exceed your expectations—and empower your journey.

The Boldest Baja Yet

Consider the Baja Raptor 2 4-Wheel your ticket to go anywhere, do anything and be anyone you want to be. Not that you needed our say so. That’s because riders who choose Baja take life by the handlebars and never look back, whether they’re cruising to the coffee shop, gathering with friends and family, exploring their favorite cities, or mastering the great outdoors.

The Baja Raptor 2 4-Wheel doesn’t just inspire you to live your life, it empowers you to love it even more. On the 4-wheel, you’ll embrace the adventure of the everyday and transform your “what ifs” into “what’s next?” You’ll get up and go. And then you’ll get there fast in confidence, comfort and total control.

Make a splash in your community. Bond with your neighbors. Breeze through the flea market, farmer’s market, or music festival. You don’t have to walk long distances or worry about driving. Just hop into the memory foam captain’s seat and enjoy the ride of a lifetime.

With a thoughtfully designed, luxury outdoor scooter in your arsenal, every outing becomes a thrilling opportunity. Why send regrets when you can live without them?

Four Wheels. Fast Cruising. Full Steam Ahead.

Ready to explore? With the Baja Raptor 2 4-Wheel, you won’t have to wait too long to reach your favorite destinations. Top cruising speeds of 13 miles per hour set this model in a class of its own. When it comes to comfort, the Baja has your back, with full suspension and premium shock absorbency guaranteeing a smooth, stable ride for all-day, all-night ease.

The Baja Raptor 2 has a 400-lb. weight capacity, LED lighting and lockable underseat storage.

The Baja® Raptor 2 is not a medical device**

Key Features:

  • Roomy captain’s seat with a 400 lb. weight capacity
  • 13 mph top cruising speed to get you there fast
  • Memory foam seats with 3” sliders for all-day support and a plush feel
  • Secure, lockable underseat compartment for storing personal items, shopping bags, and more
  • A full LED package with brake lights, turn signals, and headlights for maximum visibility and best-in-class safety
  • An integrated, easy-to-read LCD console that clearly displays speed, battery life, and mileage
  • XLR USB charger for on-the-go safety and convenience
  • 16” wheels for optimal handling on hard-packed terrains including asphalt, gravel, and concrete
  • A competitive 92.5″ turning radius for effortless maneuvering and easy turns
  • A dual electromechanical and regenerative braking system, complete with a hand brake for safety and control
  • 7 front shroud panel colors. Order the True Blue or Candy Apple Red models and receive the matching insert. Order the Matte Black model (standard) and you may choose any other color insert.

**Non-Medical Device The intended use of this product is to provide assistance to persons with limited mobility who have the capacity to operate a motorized scooter

More Information:

Product Brochure

Available Colors: Candy Apple Red, True Blue, Matte Black (choose a front panel shroud)

Shroud insert colors: Matte Black, True Blue, Candy Apple Red, Evolution Orange, Pink Topaz, Green Machine, Lemon Crush


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