Protekt® Supreme Support Self Adjusting Mattress

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The Protekt® 600 Self Adjusting Mattress provides bariatric patients with superior pressure redistribution. This mattress is ideal for medium to high risk patients.

The Protekt® Self Adjusting Supreme Support Mattress from Proactive Medical assist in pressure redistribution utilizing a series of 10 interconnected air cells and pressure valves to continually equalize pressure in response to patient movement and position changes. The Equalization Technology automatically redistributes weight to relieve pressure by increasing body surface contact.

Key Features:

    • The top foam layer of Visco Gel Polymer Technology (VGPT™) is an open cell visco memory foam infused with gel polymers. This VGPT™ provides rapid heat dissipation, excellent pressure redistribution and vastly increases breathability compared to traditional foam.
    • The sloped heel section reduces pressure and increases blood circulation by redistributing the load from the heel to the less vulnerable lower leg.
    • Stretch nylon top cover is fluid resistant, anti-microbial/anti-bacterial, breathable and fire retardant.
    • The optional alternating pressure pump easily converts the Protekt® Supreme Support to a dynamic powered air mattress.
    • Warranty:
      • Mattress; 5 Year Non-Prorated.
      • Optional Protekt® 3000 Pump; 18 Month (Model # 94001P)
      • Non Powered Model : 94001
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