Invacare® Carroll CS Series™ CS7™ Bed

The innovative Invacare® Carroll CS Series™ CS7™ Bed is designed to provide the ultimate versatility for any facility or resident. The 30″ Working height gives the caregiver comfort while performing routine tasks for every resident.

The Auto Contour feature is comfort for the resident by simultaneously raising both the head and knees, which is designed to help keep residents comfortably in place while being better positioned for reading, watching TV  or talking to family members.

Invacare® beds, mattresses and rails, excluding therapeutic support surfaces and bariatric beds, when used as a system and sold new and unused after August 1, 2007, meet the recommended FDA Guidelines for bed rail entrapment.

Product weight capacity: 500 lbs

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Advanced Electronics – Designed with synchronized motors to keep the bed level at all times, providing stability throughout the travel range.

One-Touch Floor Lock – Patented one-touch floor lock secures the bed at any height.

Pure Vertical Rise – Raises straight up and down throughout the travel range, with zero horizontal movement of the casters, minimizing potential damage to the wall or flooring.

Exclusive Slat Deck Design – Designed to provide a comfortable sleep surface, allows for improved infection control and helps reduce wear and tear on the mattress.

Ergonomic Hand Pendant – Water-resistant, rugged hand pendant designed to fit comfortably in the resident’s hand.

Customizable Options –

–           39″ or 42″ Wide Deck

–           4″ Bed Extender (84″ Length)

–           Attendant Control Panel

–           Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg /Comfort Chair positioning

–           Battery Backup on board or portable

–           Hi-Lo Lockout

–           4 Rail options