UPWalker Lite


By LifeWalker

The New UPWalker Lite is a lightweight, compact mobility solution designed to enhance daily living.

The UPWalker Lite is a smaller, lighter, lower-priced version of the original UPWalker, especially well-suited for indoor use.

Designed to maneuver in tighter spaces and for users who might be challenged by a heavier walker.

• Weighing just 15.5 pounds, the UPWalker Lite is easy to lift and transport.

• Increases mobility and independence for the elderly and mobility challenged.

• Enables users to stand upright and look ahead with better support, greater dignity and confidence to remain more active.

• Clinical study of LifeWalker technology showed improved posture, safer, more stable feeling, and reduced pain in legs, back, hands and wrists.

• Includes a beverage holder, backrest and personal item bag.

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