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Vol 1 I Issue: Hospital Beds

Shopping for new medical equipment can seem like a daunting process, especially when it comes to specialize equipment such as hospital beds. Considering the variety of hospital beds in the current market, it’s crucial to know which will best fit your immediate needs. At AME Supplies we understand your dilemma and have come up a few points to help you make the best purchase.

How Do I know What kind of Bed I Need?

To determine the specialty of bed you need, you first need to identify the extremity of you or your loved one’s condition. Is the condition of the user a long-term disability or temporary? Is the condition of the user expected to decline or will they rebound? If long-term is the case, it may be worthwhile to invest in a higher-quality bed with a suitable long -term mattress to relief as much pain from the user.

What Kind of Care will the Patient require?

All hospital beds are created with the purpose of solving a certain issue or complication a patient may have, therefore each bed type occupies different functions. If the patient is self-sufficient enough to maneuver in and out of bed without too much assistance, it might be worth investing in a basic homecare bed and save more money. Most basic homecare bed functions include electronic control of both the head and foot sectionals, with the exception being a full electric homecare bed which can also raise the floor level of the bed electronically to a specific ideal user height.

Will Patient-care be Provided by a Caregiver or Facility ?

If the patient will be under the care of a facility or private caregiver services, it will be more beneficial to invest in a full electric bed instead of a semi electric bed. Having full control over the height adjustments will allow for easier transfer of patients and reduce the possibility of falling when transfer to other medical equipment. Depending on the professional facility that the patient will be located in, it is best to consider if certain attachments such as bed rails are in compliance with your facility’s policy.

Making the Purchase

We at AME Supplies understand that budget also plays a critical factor in purchasing hospital beds, which is why we offer a wide selection of beds from some of the top manufactures such as Medline, Drive, Invacare and more. We are happy to answer all your additional questions and assist you in finding the bed that best fit your needs. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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