PDG Mobility Stellar Manual Wheelchair

Designed to achieve full tilt without compromising the user’s independence, the Stellar is ideal for hand-propelled pressure relief. Even at 45°, the chair can be moved by hand and access tables. Foot propulsion is an option up to 15° of tilt.


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  • 45° of tilt.
  • Adjustable gas strut for easy tilt operation.
  • Small overall footprint for easy maneuverability.
  • Low knee rise, even in full tilt.
  • Many adjustable parts for perfect fit.
  • High quality seating components & positioning accessories.
  • ISO & crash tested. Transit Tie-Down option for safety in a vehicle.
  • PDG’s TGIF (Thank Goodness It Fits) warranty.
  • Durable frame in variety of colors.