PDG Mobility Bentley Manual Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair


PDG Bentley tilt in space manual wheelchair provides independent mobility for the person with limited stamina. Bentley manual wheelchair is available in long frame version which is ideal for individuals with high agitation. Bentley wheelchair is ideal for foot propulsion while in-tilt improves posture and prevents sliding forward out of the wheelchair.

Bentley manual wheelchair provides excellent access to rear wheels for effortless propulsion. Bentley manual wheelchair offers two anti-tipping options for extra stability. Bentley tilting wheelchair gives about 20° tilt and rotating about the front of the seat. Bentley tilt in space chair provides adjustable rear wheels, wheel lock and anti-tipper adjust automatically with rear wheel.

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The Bentley Tilt-N-Spaces is a builder chair meaning that the chair can be greatly customized and require modification to meet a specific patients needs. Flat seating surface allows for custom seats

  • Flat seating surface allows for custom seats
  • 20 degrees of manual tilt
  • Foot and hand propel in tilted position
  • Infinitely adjustable wheel location
  • Low, adjustable seat-to-floor height
  • Rugged construction ideal for heavy duty use
  • Shock absorbers for maximum comfort
  • Maneuverable short wheelbase
  • Variety of caster and wheel sizes
  • Many front-rigging options available
  • Transit-ready option